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A8-7600 APU - question/problem regarding frequency & more

Question asked by dilyand. on Nov 30, 2016
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I've got a few questions about my A8-7600. I've noticed that the maximum frequency it reaches is 3.66 GHz, while its specifications say the turbo is to 3.8 GHz. Is the cause of this the enabled iGPU (integrated graphics)? I'm planning on buying a dedicated GPU and I'd need more power from my CPU for today's games. Will it get unlocked and be able to reach 3.8 GHz once its iGPU is disabled? The iGPU takes some frequency I suppose?


Another question: turning off the iGPU will take some load off the CPU, right? Will its performance increase as it's gonna have its full cache and possibly frequency?Looking forward for some answers!