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    i have downloaded and installed 16.11.5 but my crimson version is still 16.9.2



      OS: Win 10-64bit

      i have a strange problem these days. my laptop is Asus N551 Zu and it uses R9 M280x Graphics card. my problem is that, after installing 16.9.2 Version of Crimson none of the newest versions dont install. in Fact, after installing new versions my crimson still shows 16.9.2

      i uninstalled 16.9.2 and then installed 16.11.4 but after installing when i run the Crimson program, i faced with an error that said there is no amd card in my Device.

      also i tried 16.10.1 because like 16.9.2 its a Whql Version; but it doesn't work like many of the new version.

      What's your idea about that. now i can't play any game because of this strange problem.