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    Hialgo Software - Are the downloads safe? Will the technology go into AMD Crimson Drivers?




      I found some interesting Software from a Start Up called HiAlgo to improve GPU gaming perfomance. 
      Details are here:  HiAlgo Home 

      I thought it looked very interesting. I thought "pity AMD don't do this in their drivers".

      It turns out AMD might: http://www.amd.com/en-us/press-releases/Pages/amd-acquires-software-2016jun29.aspx

      AMD aquired them end June 2016.


      I tried to download, execute and try their software out. Norton doesn't Like it:

      Here is my message on their Forum: Norton Internet Security Quarantines/Automatically removes all HiAlgo Downloads. - HiAlgo Forums


      Has anyone tried it out? Is it safe?