If Apple Deploys AMD Processors for Their Macintosh...

Discussion created by janagewen on Nov 29, 2016
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Hello respectful AMD Corp, Fans of AMD and guys from this forums,


Tracing the name conventions, which Apple uses for their Macintosh products, especially from OS X or macOS, one could find they put much more focus on x86_64 rather than Intel 64-bit processors. So there is hope, I guess, future AMD processors might be the candidate for their products. The most obvious reason is that AMD has proficient GPU products, their future ZEN processor and ARM64 processors.


In my own opinion, Apple always seeks ways to support iOS apps on their Macintosh products. But different processors with different architectures could sacrifice the performance of processors to support iOS apps on Macintosh when simulated with software using Intel processors. If AMD could realised such processors, like their ways on today's x86-64 processors, support both architectures onto the same processors. That would ease future Macintosh computer to support iOS app much more easier. On Intel communities, I also show my ideas on such processors following suggestions from other users. Some user suggests to integrate those two different processor cores (AMD64 and ARM64) onto one chip, making it as a four core processors ( 2xAMD64 + 2x ARM64). This suggestion seems very possible and to the favour of Intel, like their designs on Pentium D, Pentium G6950 and Core M series and so forth. But those designs are hard to satisfy the requirements of what future Macintosh needs. If AMD could sealed the original IA-32 or x86 instruction set onto the AMD64 architecture without change in the form of legacy mode and compatibility mode, I believe AMD could also expand the current AMD64 architecture to incorporate the ARM64 instruction set onto the future AMD64 architecture too. Because there is nobody saying that AMD64 must be an x86 processor architecture, just like there is nobody saying that Opteron must be the x86 processors too! Mixing two different instruction sets onto one processor architecture has many advantages for the future computing needs, and provides the software vendors with most possible flexibilities. Through the virtualisation mechanism, mixed codes programmes could be executed onto the same O/S without needing to switch. This would also accelerate the APPs from Android or iOS could work on Windows and/or macOS platform. If such processors were on market, that would attract more and more purchasers from fields.



Another point which could encourage Apple to use AMD processors is that trying to control the TDP and performance of AMD processors. Too hot, not comparable performance are the obvious reasons the purchasers put their money onto Intel processors. If AMD could refined their microarchitectures, to realise moderate processors for Apple computing. I think processors from AMD are much more attractive than Intel's.


Apple is a very special OEM computer vendors, all their products are more or less the artwork. They once deployed Motorola and IBM PowerPC as their chip sources. Since OS X 10.8, it seems the software dependence on Intel processors becomes weaker and weaker, and most professional Macintosh products are really using AMD GPUs. So why not just customise a very special Macintosh completely based AMD? I believe this question Apple must be in concern all the time, just waiting for the day AMD could create some a wonder. After all, Apple Macintosh products are heavily designed for consumption markets, too much emphasising the pure computing power seems meaningless for them. So AMD has over adequate rooms to persuade Apple to use future AMD processors. A decade ago, there were rumours on future Apple Macintosh would use processors from AMD. Today I still stick to it, and I believe one day that dream would come true. And that is not only my dream, I believe, that is the dream for all the fans of AMD, and most of Apple Macintosh.