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Call of Duty Infinte warfare crashes my PC...

Question asked by ultimate8895 on Nov 29, 2016

Hello everyone need somebody's assistance with Infinite warfare ever since the game come out im having this wierd issue when i ramp up settings to see how far can i go stable framerate all the sudden game crashes first thing i see gpu fans stop spinning and on monitor goes black screen (no vertical stripes) and when i restart PC all i can hear is 5 beeps which is CPU related but im not sure what it is i cleaned him completly including thermal paste change 3 months ago every other game like call of duty black ops 3 works fine even tried 3dmark extreme settings 1440p nothing no crashes.

i will attach my dx diag file so you can check it out.Also updated my bios to latest version and tryed cpu burning and all other stuff to stress test it but nothing no single error at all...also tried different kind of driver versions and nothing im not sure what it is anymore... if anyone is familiar with this kind of problem i have please by all means im listening.