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Game "Blinks" above 70hz with new XFX RX 480

Question asked by cman1098 on Nov 28, 2016

Hello AMD,


I have been trouble shooting for the past two weeks, and I was hoping someone could help me with my problem. My problem appears to be very rare, but I believe it to be a driver issue, due to the trouble shooting I have gone through in the past two weeks.


My rig:

i7 2600k Sandy Bridge

mobo: Z77 MPOWER | MSI USA | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design

750w PSU

RX XFX 480

16gb ddr3 1600 Ram

Samsung SSD


I have RMAed one 480 so far. The second XFX 480 displayed the same issue. I used CRU at every HZ level and discovered the "blink" at 72hz but not at 71hz. It isn't a typical flicker, the screen will go completely black and come back in. The sound will cut. When using recording software, the blink does not appear. I was able to stabilize the blink by down clocking the card a substantial amount, about 15%. When I tell my card to run at the advertised 1288mHZ and stay at that level through wattman, the card will stay at that level except in game, it downclocks to about 1050mHZ and the blink will go away. I tried 3 different DP 1.2 cables, and all 3 kept the blink. With DVI I could get a stable 80hz (all the DVI cable will allow.) My old GTX 780 the blink could not be reproduced. When setting the monitor to 60hz and setting the game settings above the 70hz threshold the blink will happen, which leads me to believe it is not a monitor issue because the monitor isn't going over the 60hz threshold, I am only telling the game to go above it which I believe it is telling the card to do it in some way. I uninstalled and reinstalled every available driver using DDU for this card and they all had the same problem. I am getting a new 480, the top of the line 480 sapphire nitro+ 8gb tomorrow to see if the issue persists with a new brand of card. I have tried every solution that has been given to me including solutions of my own. I will know for sure tomorrow if it is a driver issue when I get the new card. I am having a hard time believing I got two dud cards from XFX. If the card fails tomorrow I plan on trying a new PX277 to make sure, but it does not appear to be a monitor issue, sense I can get it to stabilize by messing with the 480 setting in wattman and I can get it to run fine above 71hz outside of the games. I haven't found anyone with similar issue, but it appears the 480 has had a flickering problem for some time. If anyone has any suggestion that I haven't tried I would appreciate it. Mostly I hope to get this to the attention of the AMD engineers. I have been able to manipulate the blink by manipulating the cards settings. Unfortunately, I do not want to run games where I have to downclock the card 15%. I might as well have bought a RX 470 at that point. I also updated the firmware on the monitor too.