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    My laptop freezes on restart screen , AMD related , please read


      Hello ! I want to thank in advance to everyone who tries to help !

      So here is the problem , I reinstalled my windows 7 , installed Anti-virus software before connecting the laptop to the internet and then proceeded to install drivers on my new Windows.However after i installed the newest 16.11.4 Hotfix driver there was an error message popping up every time I started my laptop it was : qt5core.dll is missing , cannot start amd radeon program , something like this , so I was like lets try to install some previous version , the one recommended for my laptop was the 16.9.2 Crimson edition , the problem was gone -- > no more " qt5core.dll is missing " error.

      Here comes the main problem , with the new driver My laptop always freezes on Shutting down screen when I try to restart it..It does not freeze if I " Shut it down " but if I choose Restart and not Shut down it freezes and i have to shut it down with the power button on my laptop by holding it  ...the problem is not there if I run my laptop in Safe mode , then it restart normally , so I tried to uninstall AMD drivers and try to restart the laptop normally and it worked fine , my laptop was restarting as it should , now I only have my Intel graphic card drivers and the laptop is not using AMD ( no drivers) if I install them laptop will continue to freeze on restart screen..Any ideas , help will be appreciated   . I tried running windows repair , tried setting BIOS to default , tried reinstalling AMD multiple times , nothing seemed to work ..

      Thanks !

      specs : intel core i5-4200u 1.6ghzAMD radeon R7 M265 2 gb dedicated

      6 GB DDR L Memory

      1000 gb HDD