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    r9 390 new driver issue


      I have a Sapphire r9 390 8Gb and I recently installed the new driver software crimson 16.11.4 ( I have been getting similar bench results in Heaven 4.0 since owning the card until now, as my results are consistently 100 pts lower with heaven settings maxed, crimson settings default with power efficiency turned off. I've confirmed there have been no other setting changes or PC changes. I even tried overclocking which resulted in higher scores, but consistently lower by 100pts from previous overclocks.


      My CPU and GPU temps are fine, gpu load is 100 percent and core speed is maxed. Should I simply try to install the old driver and forget the current build? Any other r9 390 owners noticing this? The games I'm currently playing don't have a bench function and I limit FPS in game for temps (60fps screen) but I'm considering purchasing a much more demanding game and I'd like to have my gpu performing optimally. Any info is appreciated.





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          You don't play in Heaven benchmark, right? Performance of GPU may vary from driver to driver.

          And performance drop, that you are noticed may be right only for selected applications. Not global.I hope, at least

          Though there is similar question on this forum...Moral - you don't need to install EVERY new driver.

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              I forgot to mention I do play Doom which is very gpu and cpu intensive. There is no noticeable framerate loss since the new patch. 130-170 fps depending on what is going on. That's with max everything including nightmare settings. The problem is that I've only had the time to do a 5 minute test, so it could be a premature observation.


              I just don't understand why a great benchmark like Heaven which utilizes the GPU very efficiently, would show such a big loss. I agree, I shouldn't have downloaded the new driver, there was no need on my part to do so.

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              Take those benchmarks and put them where the sun doesn't shine...;)...is my advice.  Benchmarks are benchmarks, games are games, and ne'er the twain shall meet.  Frame rates in games are never constant--and neither is synthetic benchmark fps performance.  The fact is that if you have to have a benchmark or a frame-rate counter to see a difference in frame-rate performance, the difference is too small to be perceived without a benchmark--and that means it isn't really worth talking about.  People get obsessed with frame rate counters when 99 out of every 100 gamers could not tell the difference between 60 fps and 160 fps without a frame-rate counter in front of them.

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                  I agree from a practical perspective, but for those who overclock or are playing games where fps could drop to a discernible level (below 60 fps) or for those with monitors that could be affected by this-- then a substantial and sudden loss in benchmark score (especially one like heaven) indicates something has changed, even if on the margin.


                  I'm not saying I'm ready to burn my card, but to me it is an indication that either something is not working optimally or (as in this case) it may be a driver related issue.


                  But ultimately you are correct that benchmark results should be taken with a grain of salt. The point with this is that my Heaven scores have been consistent since I've had the card, a sudden drop in score and average FPS is worthy of concern. As others have said, it is probably a driver issue.