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    currant driver package doesn't work for shooters


      the only driver i can get (crimson) has major  errors in its core program. the problems all amd video card are having in shooter style game cannot be fixed by creating workarounds for individual games. the only way to get crimson to work is to re code the core components. i have been in contact with over 3000 gamers across muiltiable games and every one with an amd chipped card are having problems that make playing shooter games impossible but nvidia chipsets owners have no problems in the same games. i can get better performance in games if uninstall crimson and run my r9 390 without drivers. can someone in upper management contact the driver department and get them to pull there head out of the sand and make a basic  driver package while they get crimson working. i am a 45yo ex professional game tester arcade/console/pc. and a retired pro gamer and have never come across such a poorly made driver package since video cards where first introduced.