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What Android Emulator will work?

Question asked by axeterio on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by nikks6665

1) I'm trying to find an Android Emulator with Google Play that will work on Windows 10 PC

2) I've tried LeapDroid, BlueStacks and MeMu to no avail.

3) I know my PC supports virtualization (from Speccy program) but it is not enabled. I can not enable it because I can't find out how. It's not in BIOS and all videos and guides I look up are wrong. They do not match my PC when I get to the last vital details in where or how to enable virtualization and I don't seem to have any UEFI firmware settings.

4) I've completely reset my PC, removing all apps and updated Windows 10 (ugh) to its latest crap version. 

5) My pc is: Lenovo Windows 10 64bit, model AMD A6320, BIOS model DZKT31AUS, Processor AMD Radeon HD6530D


All day ppl have been trying to help, telling me how easy it is and I'm ready to explode.

Pls help,

Thank you