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    Ubuntu 16.04 driver for R9 M275X ?




      I see that many other cards now benefit from new AMD drivers for Ubuntu 16.04, which now uses a new Xserver.

      However, my R9 M275X is still not supported.


      Would you have a date when the driver will be released for my card? It's been more than 6 months.


      Thank you

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          At the moment there are no drivers available, i cannot comment on the possibility of future support or give you a potential timeline for when this might occur. I would recommend using the Open Source drivers for now.

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              Thank you for your answer. I'm using the open source driver at the moment

              but the performances are very bad.

              3D acceleration is very basic.


              Shouldn't the port to those cards be fairly easy knowing that it has been

              done for several other cards?

              I know the port has been done for the most recent cards, and the new

              interfaces must have evolved, but I'm left with a broken system now

              And this move to the new XServer is not recent news, it's been out there

              for months ...


              Thank you