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    Continuos freezing


      Hi to all, i have some problems with the new Titanfall 2.

      I can't play because the game freezing in just a few seconds after launch. If i try to change the resolution or other parameters in the video menu, the game freeze instantly, so i can't change the paramters.

      I tried to update to the latest amd driver but i haven't solved. I tried to downgrade the driver with the same results. I tried to repair the game. I tried to uninstall and reinstall from original dvd. I tried to disable the wifi connection.

      I i lost all hope.

      Can you help me?


      my config is:

      ASUS Z170 Pro GAMING - Intel i7 6700K - Ati Radeon RX480 - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB - SSD Crucial M4 256GB - Asus VG278HV

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          Hi Magus,


          It is frustrating when maxed up  systems fails with games! As your situation is not straight forward and I cannot just point the reason for you, you might need to get your hands dirty with this one. My first thought was the memory, because Z170 is little bit needy with the memory specifications and every memory chip is not worthy enough for this chipset. But before we try to change the memory chips or take half of them out (I bet that you have 2 or 4 chips installed?) I might want to hear more about your power supply.


          Is it new? Used? How long it has been used? How many watts? What brand?


          Mostly when gaming rigs comes to my clinic with sudden death issues or chronic narcolepsy, the reason is faulty or under powered PSU. Windows might work perfectly well and some games even, but when some power hungry game is started the seizures starts...

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              Hi carrata and thank you for your help.

              My power supply is a brand new Corsair AX1200i and I use two chips of ram.

              I really hope to solve this problem.


              Thank you again.

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                  AX1200i should be enough - It has enough power to run the games so that is not the problem, but lets not bury that hatchet yet - we just put it aside for awhile.


                  Have you tried to clean up your display adapter drivers completely and then reinstalled the new ones? And which Windows version do you have?  Before we go to further with our investigations (and if you haven't done so yet) try this also:


                  • Uninstall current AMD drivers (all of them)
                  • Reboot the computer (possibly into safe mode if you feel like)
                  • Run AMD Clean install utility (Download)
                  • Download latest driver for your display adapter (based on your operating system)
                  • Install the latest drivers but uncheck Raptr for testing purposes (It has some history of crashing games with newest drivers.)


                  Please note that Windows 10 can make all of your previous efforts in vain by automatically updating your display driver to newest WHQL driver. There are workarounds for that also, but lets talk about those when you've came back to me with your first results.


                  Meanwhile, we can look for other causes. There are some easy tests for you that you can do and trying to rule out peripherals and other factors that might cause this crash. Here's the common question that I would ask from myself while studying these kind of problems:


                  • How does the game hang? Instantly or with artifacts first? Is there a looping sound? Does the computer throw BSOD or reboot?
                  • Does it hang while on intro movie or just after I start the game?
                  • How is the temperatures of CPU and GPU? Do they feel normal when the system hangs?
                  • Which devices I have installed, but I don't actually need - Can I remove them for debug reasons?
                  • Does other games or latest possible 3DMark run normally (Completely without artifacts?)
                  • Do I have latest bios installed on Motherboard?


                  And these are some common tests that I also do with problematic systems



                  • I run SFC /Scannow via administrator command prompt
                  • I remove other displays if there more than one. (Yes, multiple displays can crash some games)
                  • I lower windows resolution from 2K+ resolutions to Full HD or lower if necessary


                  Then I go through hardware if that doesn't help


                  • Reseat display adapter
                  • Remove RAMs and test the game with single ram only - all the chips separately (Check motherboard manual for correct slots while using 1,2,3 or 4 chips)
                  • Try the system with other PSU which I know that is working
                  • Try the system with other GPU which I know that is working



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                      I'm on Windows 10 pro 64 bit.

                      Before post this thread i tried to uninstall the video card drivers and then reinstall the latest version. I tried also to clean up with DDU software and reinstall the latest driver version, but without results.

                      The game run normally during the intro sequence, but freeze after few seconds of gameplay. And freezing instantly when i try to change some parameters in video options menu.

                      Now i try some of your check and then i report to you.


                      edit: I solved! I decided to format and install the latest driver! Thank you again.