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Fx8320 is overheating under load and idling at 45C

Question asked by rockjaw on Nov 27, 2016
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Ok, I've always been a PC builder on a budget. And Just today I saw a deal at microcenter for a Fx-8320e and GA-970-GAMING SLI AM3+ M.2 ATX. Believe it or not this was an upgrade for me and (I thought) a way to get away from my frying pan 125 TDW chip that would overheat at the slightest provocation. (specs say its a 95TDW CPU)

So I jumped. I went in, spent my money and then happily spent the next few hours at home routing cables and generally spiffing up my new mobo and CPU. Turned it on, and windows worked like a charm. Here's where things take a turn for the worse.

I was idling at 45C.

And its only like 22C ambient.

And I have an aftermarket cooler and 2 case fans trying to keep this thing cool.

And I'm peaking at 80C with stress tests.

So I pulled it all back apart, checked to make sure I hadn't been stupid and left on some plastic or applied my thermal paste badly (Arctic silver 5).

Slight improvements, but the moment I run a stress test or anything else temps spike to 70 in just a few seconds.

so there we are. Massive temp spike the moment I put this under load and Idle temps are still too high. Advice?

(using AMDoverdrive/speedfan for measurement and heavyload for testing)


I've attached a test I did with The Division to show how quickly my temps skyrocket. considering that the last CPU this cooler was handling was a 125 TDP and this one is 95 TDP I'd expect better.