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    AMD Drivers keep Crashing



      MSI GX70 Destroyer gaming laptop (Gx70 3CC)

      A10-5750M APU

      Originally Win 8.1 now Windows 10 Home x64

      AMD R9 M290X

      AMD Radeon HD8650G (intergrated)

      AMD Radeon HD8970M (dedicated)

      current driver versions:



      For whatever reason, my system stopped auto appropriating games with the Dedicated  GPU so i have to open CC to allocate it.  But, my AMD drivers keep failing. Whenever i try to go into the Catalyst control center (CC), i get error "No AMD Graphics driver installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. please install AMD driver appropriate for your hardware."


      I did figure out the steps necessary to resolve this which is, to use the AMD uninstall software to do a clean uninstall of all drivers. (after making sure to set the system to not allow windows to auto update drivers). Once the uninstall completes, restart the system and the display drivers in the Device Manager will say something to the effect of "windows default basic display driver" instead of "AMD Radeon HD8650G."  Then run the AMD autodetect software to download appropriate drivers. It will reinstall my drivers and CC. After another restart, i can go into the cc and make sure the games i want are utilizing my graphics fully and not stalling, lagging, and crashing. the first time i had to do this, it was about 7 months until i ran into that error again and had to repeat this process. then i did it again, and it held for two months. Those two months brings us to two weeks ago. then i had to do it again last night. then i had to do it again about 3 times today. So since this fix is obviously holding for less and less time, i'm looking to see if there's anything else i can do before i'm forced to just buy a new PC. If anyone out there is familiar with this problem, would trying to buy new graphics card do the trick or would that be a waste of money at this point?


      My theory is, when the autodetect downloads my driver, its version 15.7.1 but i think "Dragon Gaming Center" or something keeps updating it to latest version which is incompatible with my system. If anyone can confirm this as a probability, how do i make it stop?