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Where can I find the LCD overdrive option in AMD Radeon Settings?

Question asked by cxgamer on Nov 26, 2016

This seems to be my last and only resort in an attempt to fix no-audio and audio stutter problems I'm having when using the HDMI output of my AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. Forums of years ago show screenshots of this option within Catalyst control center, but I've noticed it's been discontinued. I would like to try to find the LCD overdrive option in the current interface, or find out where I can find it within the registry. I'm on Windows 7 and have installed Crimson 16.10.3 (not the very latest, but it's recent).


The problem I'm having is my audio going through my HDMI port to my TV (TV connected with stereo which produces sound).

1. At first, nothing can be heard. Or at least with the PC, TV and stereo all at max volume, very faint audio can be heard.

2. After some time, very short noise bursts can be heard. Somewhat like little explosions. These are modulated with the stereo's or TV's volume, so I don't want max volume for these steps and beyond.

3. If I wait a bit longer, the actual audio starts to come through in short bursts. Something like 0.3 s audio, 0.3 s silence.

4. After half an hour of sending audio through, suddenly audio is perfect and crystal clear.


There was a registry fix modifying 'PP_SclkDeepSleepDisable', but did nothing. Literally the only other possible fix would be this LCD overdrive option. If there is no menu option, I would still be very happy with a registry fix.


Thank you in advance,