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rx 480 black screen on windows (7) boot

Question asked by ynvy on Nov 26, 2016

Hello, last week i bought a Sapphire rx480 nitro 4gb to replace my Asus hd7770. Because simply switching cards and hoping it would work, without a windows install, failed, as i was getting a black screen on the windows boot, i decided to simply reinstall everything from 0. It's safe to say now that that did not work as i cannot get to get into windows as i instantly get a black screen (no input).

I've tried both the newest crimson driver (16.11.4 hotfix) but also the one i got from the cd (16.9.2), none of them worked. Whenever i install the driver, the screen just goes black when i log into windows.


Specs :

CPU : i5 2500k stock

Mobo : Gigabyte Z77-G3H

Ram : Corsair Vengence 2x4Gb DDR3 1600

PSU : Sirtec High Power Eco II 550W


OS : Windows 7 64bit


Not sure if any other info is required, but does anyone have other suggestions ? I've been trying to figure it out for 4 days now and i'm very frustrated, i'm about to send it back to the store and get something else.


*I've had ATI/AMD cards since 2003, never did i have any driver issue, but this is just ridiculous. ..