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Older game fullscreen, image left aligned and not stretching to fill

Question asked by oisan on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by oisan

Hello there, community.


I recently built my first desktop. So far, pretty much everything has been working fine.

Except, some older programs, when I launch them in fullscreen, the image scales up and keeps the display ratio, even if I select "Full panel image" in ATI CCC or Radeon Settings. If I select "Center" in aforementioned CPs, nothing changes, still left aligned. This is rather annoying, as I get a big fat bar on the right side of the screen that takes like 30% of the screen. No GPU scaling options change this behaviour. I have checked the resolution the program uses, and it's 800x600 32-/16-bit colour. I've also checked if my display goes that low, which it does. The display is connected to the DVI port on the card.


Help would be appreciated.


Am running Windows 10, with the latest drivers (16.9.2) (installed today)