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BSOD after every driver install since 16.11.4

Question asked by thielek on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by redfury

Hi guys,


Really needing some help. Today I tried to install 16.11.4 and got a BSOD finishing the installation. I was then in a constant BSOD boot loop and had to boot in to safe mode. I then ran DDU and got rid of the drivers and tried to install previous version. But now I get a BSOD no matter what version of Crimson drivers I try. Even if I don't install any drivers and let windows install it's version, I get a BSOD halfway through the windows updates install of the AMD Drivers.


The BSOD said;




What failed: dxmms2.sys


I've ran DDU many times now and nothing seems to work. I can't run my computer for long without Windows trying to install AMD drivers and causing another BSOD.


I've ran this system for a long time now and not had any BSODs. It was only since the 16.11.4 drivers.


Specs on my system are;


Windows 10 Pro

Sapphire R9 380X 4g Nitro

x99 17-5820K

16GB DDR4 3000  RAM

Samsung EVO 840 SSD


Any help is appreciated!