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my laptop reboots while in game Dota2

Question asked by mav3rick on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by mav3rick

Hello there ,


i got a lenovo laptop with an i7 processor (4th gen) , quad core , 8gm ram , with a video card Radeon r7 m265 . Whenever i try to play a dota 2 game the pc crashes and shuts down after between 5 and 15 minutes of gaming . Sometimes if i re start the laptop really quick i get to rejoin the game (i got 5 minutes to do it ) and i continue like nothing happened  , and keep playing the game without any problems untill i put my laptop to sleep again , then i go trough the same situation as described above . i always f..k up the first game and sometimes that causes me a "leave" on the steam platform  , that brings with it ugly consequences .


since a few days ago my problem got worse . now after the first crush when i re-enter the game  i get another crush after very few minutes , then another and another . i can't pay no more like i used to do it above  , with a single crash . now it keeps crashing .


i have tried verious versions of drivers to what's what but none of them solved the problem .


i am now going again for a full wipe of the driver using the amd cleanup utility and will install the version 16.9.2 . i will tell you how it goes in a short while . i realy hope this will fix my issues because i feel like throwing my laptop out on the window . i lost about  900 mmr on dota2 because of the problem above ....


oh and , the system crushes happend in other games too , the last one i've tried was need for speed most wanted 2012  , and before that the problem occured in Skyrim too .