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FX 6300 CPU fan high speed when not needed.

Question asked by awkaliwen on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by redfury

CPU/GPU: FX 6300 (stock cooler) - RX 480 (Sapphire Nitro)

The thing is I'm hearing something "vibrating" the moment I installed the new GPU.

I'm pretty sure everything is tightly installed, I just don't seem to find the root of the issue.

I'm guessing it just might be RPM on something. The CPU hits 6k - 6.5k and the GPU around 1.5k

Temps are at 53c the CPU and 71c the GPU. (Max numbers while gaming)

Are those values normal? Should I re check all the screws?

Any advice will be much appreciated


With SpeedFan I took the GPU fans to 100% for a few minutes and no vibration noise.

So, I'm starting to think the CPU fan is the issue. 6000+ rpm for 53c under load seems a bit over the top. I might be wrong though.


Any thoughts on that? Should I just consider an aftermarket cooler/heatsink?