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Black/grey screen after increasing GPU Frequency

Question asked by pipiso on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by arcticwind

Motherboard MSI z170-a pro

GPU :Sapphire nitro+ rx480 4gb gddr5

CPU: Intel i5-6500

Power supply: 600W

Radeon Software Version


windows 10 64bit


When I increase GPU frequency:

to 1%-8% everything is fine


8%-10% everything is fine until i launch any graphicaly demanding application , then screen turns black every 10 seconds ,after couple of seconds graphicaly demanding application crashes and          I get error message that Amd something stopped working.


10%-15% After 5 seconds ,screen goes black and unresponsive , than i need to hard restart computer.


15%-30% Screen goes immediately grey and stays grey or after couple of seconds turns black ,than i need to hard restart computer.


When I increase Memory frequency:

I haven't investigated memory as much as GPU ,but it is very similar instead of grey and black I get red.


What i have tried to solve it:

In bios I have disable XMP and OC Genie , also disabled anything like turbo boost or something that may be conflicting with Amd Software settings


Also I cannot find any online manual for my card , Is there even any ?