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w600 eyefinity and multiple videos?

Question asked by georgesmc on Nov 23, 2016



For an event, we're planning to drive multiple (6) TV screens (vertical display: 1080x1920) to display a single video (the same on each screen, or displayed as "slices" on the different screens) or one video on each screen.

Sometimes we will display the same video on every screen, sometimes a single video displayed "as slices" on different screens (e.g. see someone walking from one screen to an other one, next one, an so on), and sometimes six different independent videos.

Can this be achieved using a W600 Pro + eyefinity?

i.e. do we need some more softwares? Or do we need to create a single video displayed on all the screens, that will mimick the above behavior?


Thanks in advance for any answer.