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I am having a bit of trouble with my crossfire setup

Question asked by mattyc on Nov 22, 2016
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I am having a bit of trouble with my crossfire setup. it did work perfectly and i need to get it back working so i can heat my house throughout the winter


first system specs,

cpu 6700k

mobo gigabyte G1 gaming

psu evga 1200 p2

gpu 2x r9 290x

os win10

hdd samsung ssd's in raid 0


ok the first problem i am having

on start up i dont get any of the bios loading information that i normally got, just blank screen until in windows.

what i have tried

disconnecting second card, all displays correctly

plugging monitor into second card, displays correctly when primary display in bios set to slot 2, change connection back to first card and setting in bios and back to no display. leaving the monitor connected to the second cards and changing the settings in the bios back to slot 1 i can still see the bios.

different connections (i use dp) no difference


the second is that crossfire dosent work. it did work until recently i used the AMD driver cleaner and I think that is what caused the problem.

i have clean installed the latest drivers which hasn't made any difference

i have checked the settings in radeon settings and it is set to crossfire. in assassins creed it only shows one gpu and not 2 like it used to. msi afterburner sees it as does device manager and radeon settings.

swapping the monitor to the second card i only have that card in use.


I am thinking about clearing the cemos but it might kill my raid array (it has done before)

I dont know a cleaner way of uninstalling the graphics drivers. maybe a clean install of windows, but as you know that is a pain in the behind

Can the AMD clean up utility cause these problems ( i have used it on firepro systems with no problem)


Please if anyone has any ideas let me know