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Status of Battlefield 1 Crossfire profile rework (flickering problem wasn't fixed as also broadly mentioned over at BF1 forums)?

Question asked by fragment on Nov 22, 2016



I'd like to know if AMD specifically is working on this problem together with DICE.

The flickering which was already in the 16.11.2 crimson release notes... which was marked as fixed in the next release...

There is still a flickering which may be engine related, who knows. Since responsibilites are rarely communicated.


But can AMD at least tell if they are in the same boat with DICE concerning this issue? Are you working on this with DICE together?

Regardless of the nature of the problem being crimson/driver/cfx-profile related or Frostbite engine related.

Thanks for feedback. I'd love to enjoy BF1 without glitches in CFX just like BF3 and BF4 and BFH and Starwars Battlefront work awesome with the same engine on CFX.



Edit: I already reported this via AMD report form ~1 week ago