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RX 480 weird graphics in Deus Ex

Question asked by dziugys1 on Nov 22, 2016

A bit ago bought Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 4GB (however ended up finishing the build not even week ago) and with FX-8350 got Deus Ex for free, so naturally that's one of the first games i got to really play and test how good my new GPU is. Everything was okey until extensive amount of hours put in one day and towards end it gave me this graphical glitch which i only had with my AMD fitted laptop on second life and some not exactly that but similar in minecraft, though laptop was pretty crap. I considered it was because of how long I played that game in one go. Though after 1day of not playing it, got in and after about half hour of playtime, here it is again. Got no idea what's causing this. At some points my screen goes black for a split second which happens occasionally and not specifically in game but while on desktop/browsing and such, however that's not that often. Main issue is that weird graphical glitch which seems to be coming specifically from in-game model, though not one, if you carry on going, they tend to appear. Running game almost maxed out and obviously dx12

Deus Ex Mankind Divided RX 480 Graphical Glitches - YouTube