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render artifact problems on W5100

Question asked by khideyoshi on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by khideyoshi

Dear Firepro Support & Drivers,


I experience this visualiser output artifacts problems. when making a full ON render visuals on:

Chamsys MagicQ & its built in visualiser running on OpenGL.


Other problems include:

1. Patchy / jagged  light beam line output from some of onstage fixtures.

2. Sometimes the rendered beam does not come out during cue execution on some fixtures.


my firepro W5100 driver version: 16.2 (this artifacts & other beam render output still persist since 14.3 (Original Driver)


Reason why I submit this:

I have a home pc running with GTX960 2GB and this application does not produce render artifacts / jagged beam, artifacts.

This render problems presents me with dilemma for continuing path with Firepro / WX series.


I use W5100 mainly for CAD apps & visuals.


I have attached the screen capture for problems with render artifacts + Software settings.


Hopefully I could find answers / solutions to this problem via driver updates