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How do I edit the Eyefinity profile without creating a new one?

Question asked by gamelounge78 on Nov 21, 2016

I created an Eyefinity profile, which is 1x2 or one desktop to two monitors.  One for my gameplay and the other for my stream.  When I go back to the Eyefinity settings in the Crimson, I do not see the profile.  I am using Windows 10 Home and a AMD R9 Fury.  I can see that it is in effect, because there is only one desktop showing in the Desktop properties, which is correct.  I would just like to rename the profile to something that I know.


The result of using Eyefinity over the Windows mirrored desktop is incomparable.  Eyefinity is far better - Banana Cake! | Street Fighter V (19 Nov 16 6:25 PM EST) - YouTube