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Eyefinity Bezel Problems

Question asked by ckirchhoff82 on Nov 21, 2016



I've got a rather annoying Problem which I am not able to fix right now.


Our Setup is as followed:


5 Screens total setup as 55" - 42" - 42" - 42" - 42" with the 55" being the main screen.

All Screens are running in 1920 x 1080.

The PC is a Windows 7 shuttle PC with a FirePro W600.

We are using the AMD FirePro Software Version 16.2.


The Problem is:


The Main screen is looking fine, but all the other screens are cut off at the top, the bottom, left and right.

I thought that might be a problem with the Bezel Compensation but I am not able to set it up properly.


Picture 1 shows the main screen, everything is fine.




And now the second screen




You can see the difference in spacing at the top, left and right side of the 2nd screen.


What are we doing wrong?