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help setting up crossfire

Question asked by adansomething on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by redfury

so i'm trying to learn how to configure crossfire, i have 3 devices capable of crossfire and i would like to know wich ones should i select, i have two r7 240 2gb and my r7 apu

before coming here for help i went ahead and tried different combinations one was with the APU as a main and the other one using the r7 240 as a main (i'm guessing the last option uses my two graphic cards) one of this configuration sucked and the other one sucked a little less, the problem is that depending of where i had my monitor plugged the performance actually changed by example i was able to play the division with a steady frame rate using the r7+r7 240 configuration with a twist the r7 240 is plugged into the second space of my motherboard (scince its stuck there) but when i played R6S my pc was heating up my framerates were stable but the rendering of the graphics was really ugly and this is the game i play the most, having this issues with r6s made me explore all the options

i guess my question is wich combination of devices should i use for crossfire? and what should i do to get the most out of my configuration?