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need a driver recomendation !

Question asked by jah-gzmn on Nov 20, 2016
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hello my friends :

                           i have a amd apu a8 6600k black edition w/ Radeon HD 8570D integrated graphics , 4 gb ram kingston hyperx fury ( 2 of 2gb ) ,and a dedicated graphic card shappire ati hd 7750 , i use actually windows 10 64bits , after anniversary update i was using a version of radeon crimson software that recognize both graphics cards and work as dual graphics (don't remember which number version was ) , then i made a clean installation of windows and windows update install me the version 16.6 of radeon crimson and now the software only recognize my dedicated graphic card ( hd7750) , and i can't enable dual graphics , so i use ddu to delete those drivers and searched in amd the driver for my apu ( 16.2.1 beta ) and install it ( no error messages during installation ). but something gone wrong and now i can't open crimson program , it's appear a error notification "No amd graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly. Please install the amd driver appropiate for your amd software" , i searched in the device manager section and i noted that in display adapter only figure hd8570 and the other one ( hd 7750) figure as windows basic adapter , so my question is : is the crimson version 16.2.1 the correct one for my apu and dedicated graphic card to enable dual graphics ? , why does the display adapter of hd7750 do not appear ?, what can i do to solve this problem ? , i need dual graphics for games !!, thanks for your time !! ( sorry for my english ).