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Radeon settings keeps downgrading to 16.6

Question asked by kbradrs on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by patricklibuda

Hello all you wonderful people,


Specs -

     AMD A10-7850k

     MSI AMD Radeon R9 290x

     2tb storage space

     A88x - G45 Gaming Motherboard

     24Gb RAM


Recently i have encountered an issue whereas i am not able to remain updated to the most recent version of radeon settings (16.11.4). I update the system and it says that the installation has completed successfully! but when i return to Radeon settings after reboot, i am on version 16.6

Also recently i am not able to use the auto-detect program to find out which driver i need, so i have to do it manually which is no problem. When i open the Auto-detect it says that it is unable ti reach the AMD web service, i don't know how if this has any relevance but i thought i would throw that in there.

Now, when radeon settings decides to downgrade again i don't getany warning that is is happening and no windows come up saying it. It doesnt ask anything whatsoever, not even to reboot. But when i assume that is has completed downgrading (or this just might be a misconception within the PC) it comes up with an error saying that Radeon settings: Host application has stopped, this only comes up once, i can then carry on using the computer as normal.

This is bothering me because Call of Duty: Infinite warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered both ask me to upgrade my drivers so that they can update the shader cache, it asks for any higher than 16.11.2, and i have has this problem since 16.11.2 was released and figured as i am a very Computer Literate person that i could find my own work around, i have tried re-installing the drivers many times, i have tried DDU then reinstall drivers and nothing seemed to help. I have SFC /SCANNOW but that did not change anything.



Can i have help please? Thankyou