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    Radeon settings keeps downgrading to 16.6


      Hello all you wonderful people,


      Specs -

           AMD A10-7850k

           MSI AMD Radeon R9 290x

           2tb storage space

           A88x - G45 Gaming Motherboard

           24Gb RAM


      Recently i have encountered an issue whereas i am not able to remain updated to the most recent version of radeon settings (16.11.4). I update the system and it says that the installation has completed successfully! but when i return to Radeon settings after reboot, i am on version 16.6

      Also recently i am not able to use the auto-detect program to find out which driver i need, so i have to do it manually which is no problem. When i open the Auto-detect it says that it is unable ti reach the AMD web service, i don't know how if this has any relevance but i thought i would throw that in there.

      Now, when radeon settings decides to downgrade again i don't getany warning that is is happening and no windows come up saying it. It doesnt ask anything whatsoever, not even to reboot. But when i assume that is has completed downgrading (or this just might be a misconception within the PC) it comes up with an error saying that Radeon settings: Host application has stopped, this only comes up once, i can then carry on using the computer as normal.

      This is bothering me because Call of Duty: Infinite warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered both ask me to upgrade my drivers so that they can update the shader cache, it asks for any higher than 16.11.2, and i have has this problem since 16.11.2 was released and figured as i am a very Computer Literate person that i could find my own work around, i have tried re-installing the drivers many times, i have tried DDU then reinstall drivers and nothing seemed to help. I have SFC /SCANNOW but that did not change anything.



      Can i have help please? Thankyou


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          This is unfortunate behavior by Windows 10. It wants to roll back to the latest WHQL driver. I used the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility to get 16.11.3 installed and so far it hasn't rolled back *knocks wood*.


          Have the latest Crimson downloaded. Make certain you have automatic driver updates disabled in Win 10. Uninstall the old driver via control panel, then before rebooting run the utility. Also, you might temporarily disable your network adapter so Windows doesn't try to throw a driver on there after you reboot.

          To access this option, open the Control Panel by right-clicking the Start button and selecting Control Panel. Navigate to System and Security > System > Advanced system settings. Click the Hardware tab, click Device Installation Settings, and select the “No, let me choose what to do option. Select “Never install driver software from Windows Update.”

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            The 16.11.4 driver is not supported on your APU.

            The last supported driver is 16.9.2 which can be downloaded from the AMD web site.



            An upcoming driver will include support for your APU.

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              Thankyou warpfact0r10 the problem appears to be fixed for now


              ray_m i'm sorry i should have stated that it is not the APU that i was having trouble with drivers, it was the GPU i needed to fix, thankyou very much though

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                warpfact0r10's solution is a neat idea - if only it did actually work ;-). It does not unfortunately - at least not with the Anniversary Edition of Win10... As soon as you ask Win10 to check for Updates the driver 'update' to 16.6 is back again - and of course Win10 does take the liberty of installing it... However, there is something else that does actually work!


                1) Go to the device manager (right-click on the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner and then click on device manager - or whatever it might be called in your respective language version of Win10...).

                2) Select graphics card and your respective card.

                3) Right-click on properties.

                4) Click on driver and select previous driver (and explain to MS why you are not particularly chuffed about version 16.6).

                5) Once the procedure has been completed, reboot (even if Win10 does not tell you to do so).

                6) You may now find that AMD Settings is rather slow to start or displays other odd behaviour - despite you having reset the driver to the default settings (which I would advise you to do - you can still set things back to the way you like them to be afterwards...).

                7) Now go to the control panel and select software (at the bottom) and uninstall. You will now find two AMD driver settings: AMD Install Manager and AMD Settings. Uninstall AMD Settings.

                8) Now start the installation stuff for your driver version of choice (in my case, 16.8.2 with an R9 390 on an Intel Z77 chipset board) and reinstall AMD Settings. Once that has been completed reset the driver to its default settings - now set things to the way you want them.


                (Please note: The reason for uninstalling and re-installing AMD Settings is that after Win10 forcefully installing 16.6 you basically have two versions of it in your system and this little programme appears to be slightly on the sensitive side. And even after reverting to your previous driver version you still have two versions of the AMD drivers and software in your system. Once you have reinstalled the version of AMD Settings that came with your preferred driver version of choice things should be working again the way you were used to... however - see below...)


                You should find that Win10 no longer forces upon you its driver version of choice. However, as you basically now have two AMD drivers in your system you might still encounter unexpected behaviour. This is why I have nevertheless gone back to my original way of doing things. As soon as Win10 feels free to install version 16.6 yet again, I uninstall it and afterwards clean things with DDU. Afterwards I reinstall my driver version of choice (16.8.2). O.K., about two days later I have to reinstall again but at least I can use the driver version that appears to be working best for me. (Apart from gaming I also like to watch Internet video - my experience so far: Uninstall problems with 16.9.1 and 16.9.2 under Windows 10 64bit - R9 390) and so far all versions apart from the last Catalyst Beta (15.11.1) and 16.8.2 have more or less been a catastrophe (apart from MS' previous driver of choice Crimson 15.12 - I am only referring to Internet video stuff here).



                Cheers and have a nice weekend :-).