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    Want to revert to older version.. of what ???


      HI, I have a laptop  AMD Radeon 6 Graphics, that I bought from walmart last  year.  Its windows 10 , 64 bit/


      My problem,

      I play a game called Dungeons and Dragons Online, a MMO game.  When i load this game it adjusts my brightness on my computer. It makes everything brighter, just by a little. But it brightens it enough that it makes looking at a website like Googles search screen, or when you google something and results come up, all of that is hard to see.

      In the past I opened up my Radeon settings, then there is an Addtional settings button I would click on.  Then on that screen it has presets, my built in displays ... You can adjust your brightness, contrast, saturation, hue etc.. There used to be a button I could click on that would adjust my color brightness back to normal so I could read websites and my screen not be so bright. This button was there up to about 2 or 3 updates ago with these couple last new patches.  It was a button kind of like a factory restore button on your display settings, but the one on this new radeon settings does nothing.

      Your question might be, why not adjust the brightness and saturation to make the webpages not so bright.  Answer is, you can and you cant.  Yes i can adjust them, but the websites are still hard to read, it never has the clarity that I have if I exit the game, or when I used to be able to hit the default button that was in the earlier patches. The default button was with the Brightness, saturation etc.. Now its gone..And clicking on the preferences button , and restoring factory there does not work, like the old one did.

      I dont know what how to take my graphics back a few patches.. I think this is Crimson that I am using..  If i look in the icon tray, it just says Radeon Settings.  I want my display drivers or software.. what ever it was to go back a few patches ago. How can I do this?

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          have you tried adjusting the brightness from the computer control panel....'Display'?

          If you would give some info on your laptop...INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION   previous drivers could be suggested.

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            Hi Cmecu,

            I use to play DDO and have to say I never had to adjust anything regardless in game or viewing web pages. Not sure how DDO fairs with w10 ( I used W7 ). And haven't played it for some time however I do seem to remember that you could have the game detect the best settings. Also I will assume that you will have a pull down menu in game settings for DDO that enables you to Play in DX9, DX10, or DX11 depending on your graphic capability. Also when you first start the game on your DDO splash screen you should see a little triangle upper right of pane I believe there are settings in there as well that allow you to set Hi res game files.

            Should check the DDO forums as well they are a great bunch there and can help a bunch. Other then using W10 I can't see why you should be having issues unless it is a corrupt download/install.


            Hope you get it sorted out DDO is a good game if you just getting into it.


            Cheers, Ambrose

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