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    My computer crashes and restarts every time I start a game on my RX 480


      - Radeon XFX RX480 8GBs

      - AMD Phenom II X6 3,2Ghz

      - Asus M5A78Lle

      - CX 600W

      - Corsair Dominator Platinum DDr3 8Gbs

      - Software version: 16.11.4

      I am very worried, started in a match of CS Go, then for all the games I tried to initiate FIFA, CS: GO, DOTA 2, at the time of starting the game he would restart. I tried to update the software, however I am in version 16.11.4 and the problem continues. I thought it might be something on the hardware more because before the board was running normally.

      Can you help me ?



      PS: Sorry for the mistakes, I'm Brazilian and I'm writing with the help of google translator.