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    Windows 10 Anniversary update and AMD drivers causing system problems


      I have an AMD FURY X card, liquid cooled.


      First of all, I want to say that even before upgrading to anniversary update, I had the problem that I could never upgrade AMD drivers directly, but always had to use DDU to remove the old ones first, otherwise the system would freeze/crash diring installation fo the new drivers. But, apart from this, all was working fine.


      Updating to anniversary update generates instead a LOT of problems:

      -right click menus are empty/white (but if you click in the right spot, the supposed action takes place)

      -system is slow to respond, in between a click and the relative action some seconds (or several) are necessary

      -opening the tast manager, the system starts to lag like hell, and this can be seen by the "system uptime" value, that instead of updating every second, is updated every 2 seconds, then 4, then 6.... up to 10-20 seconds!!!


      Removing the AMD drivers with DDU after installing the update remove the problem completely


      BUT: if I re-install them the problem goes back. So it's not just an update issue, is some problem/conflict withween the new windows and the drivers. I got a report on the windows forums of an NVIDIA user with a high-performance card (I don't remember the exact model) was reporting the very same issue as I had. This issue was there also with the september version of the drivers. At that time, I just reverted back windows, and I thought to wait a couple of months to see if the issue goes away. Now I tried with the november hotfix 4 and the problem it's still there