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HDMI Freesync broken on RX 480 since driver ver. 16.10.1

Question asked by phixsator on Nov 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by phixsator

I got annoying problem. I just bought myself an rx 480 from asus and a asus vg245h 1080 75hz freesync(hdmi) monitor. On this panel freesync is broken if i use driver 16.10.1 and i have to go through hoops just to get it sorta working(with stuttering). If i use the latest whql driver from amd's own download page (16.9.2 ) then everything works. If i swap out the rx 480 with an older r9 290 from MSI freesync works fine all the way up to driver 16.11.3 (havent tried 16.11.4 yet on the r9 290). So basicly Freesync over hdmi seems broken on the rx 480 with these latest beta drivers. Ive gone so fare as to format and reinstall win 10. Anyone else have this issue and perhaps even know if there is something i can do besides rolling back to 16.9.2?


PC Specs:

Asus Strix OC rx 480 8 gb

Asus VG245H 1080p monitor (freesync enabled in the OSD and in the crimson control panel)

4770k on a MSI z97s krait edition motherboard

16gb of Corsair vengeance ddr3 ram 1866mhz

Windows 10 pro 64bit with latest updates (just checked before this post)