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[BSOD]multiple IRP requests (amd stor filter driver)

Question asked by bosparan on Nov 19, 2016
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since upgrading my Windows 10 client to Redstone 1 (anniversary update), I've started to see almost daily bluescreens of death:

Multiple IRP Requests.


The culprit happens to be the amd stor filter driver, (amd_xata.sys+2ba9) I don't have the symbols, so that's as far as windbg will take me. I've made sure to install the latest version from the support site, but still it happens.

I'm using a MSI 970A-G46 (MS-7693) mainboard, I ensured repeatedly that all my drivers are as up-to-date as the vendor pages will offer.

Still it crashes and burns.


Anybody have an idea what else I might be able to do?

If there's a place I can submit the crash-dumps, both minidumps and regular dumps (~838MB) are available, I can do a full system dump if necessary, but that shouldn't really be necessary on what is probably a driver issue.





PS: The issue can happen at any time imaginable. In the dead of night with only music playing, while playing a game, while programming, while doing heavy dataconversions / processing on a full system load. At any time.