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    Windows 10 Freezes during AMD Installation Radeon HD 7700 OR gives an GameManager32.dll error after successful install


      This morning I attempted to update my drivers after ignoring it for a couple months. I've been having this issue where sometimes my sound will cut out every so often for about 2-3 seconds, and the last time I fixed this issue it seemed directly related to updating my graphics card drivers.


      However, this was a huge pain last time I did this (in September). My AMD installer kept freezing at about 33% and I just couldn't figure out how to fix it. Eventually I found some threads on running DDU and turning off my anti-virus (Windows Defender). After a few tries it finally took and everything seemed okay until my sound issues recently.


      So I clicked on the Crimson update pop-up on my screen and downloaded the update, turned off Windows Defender, and ran the installer. I got the freeze again. I looked around a bit on the forums and saw that some people just waited it out and it worked. So I let me computer sit for close to an hour but nothing changed.


      I went through my original sequence again: uninstall everything AMD, run DDU in safe mode, run the downloaded Crimson file again (16.9.2, 64bit) and still received a freezing screen, although in a different place this time (2%, and then after trying again at 33%).


      Eventually I actually managed to get it to install when I used an older version (16.8...something). I restarted my computer and when it booted up I had a pop up that came up immediately with "Steam.exe - Bad Image: GameManager32.dll" is not compatible or some such. So I uninstalled steam, rebooted and re-installed, rebooted and same issue. I uninstalled all of my AMD drivers and install software, and ran the computer in safe mode and used DDU to uninstall again, but this time my computer froze up during the DDU process. Ugh. So I restarted my computer, and now that there was no AMD anything, steam actually ran just fine.


      Now I'm back at the state of being unable to reinstall my AMD installer. It just keeps freezing.


      I'm pretty frustrated with this whole thing at this point and maybe not doing things in the order I ought to be doing them or I don't even know what. But if anyone can offer any advice; on getting this driver to update correctly and/or dealing with this GameManager32 issue (also I had something about atiadlxx...something come up?) I'd appreciate the help.