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    HD8570M driver freezes entire Windows



           I have a laptop. Lenovo G500, Windows 10 with latest updates ( Version 1607, OS Build 14393.447) with Intel HD Graphics 4000+AMD HD8570M and I have a big problem with latest graphics drivers. Latest driver which works is "non-whql-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.5.1-win10-win8.1-win7-may3". After this version, every newer driver freezes entire screen with mouse cursor when installing AMD Display Driver.


           I tried to wait two hours, but it just remain stuck. If I hold the power on/off button, it tries to boot normally, but when Windows shows "login in" it freezes and I can't do anything. I need to enter in safe mode, use Display Driver Uninstaller and install again the old versions to boot succesful. I tried to uninstall the driver with Display Driver Uninstaller many times in safe mode and from Device Manager and reinstaling, I tried to stop windows to automatically update hardware, I tried on clean install Windows with and without Intel HD Graphics Driver and others, but I've zero succes. When I try AMD Driver Autodetect, the problem remain. Now I use Display Driver from 16.5.1 version and others drivers and programs from latest AMD Driver Installer and it works well, but I want to update to latest drivers so the problem is 100% from AMD Display Driver.


           The problem isn't a hardware failure because everything works well with older drivers, the temperature is normal, normal FPS in games, no BSOD, no problems in Event Viewer.


           Please fix this problem because is really frustrating.

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          These are the drivers for your laptop > Mobile


          Laptop graphics update...How to

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            Iraz, please keep reading all through my second issue and say if you have experienced it please.


            I have the same issue. Computer is Lenovo G500 with Intel Pentium 2020 and AMD Radeon HD 8570. I installed a brand new SSD and installed Windows 10 Pro. Upon trying to install the latest Catalyst drivers, the computer froze and remained that way until I restarted via the power button. After that it kept freezing on the Windows loading screen. I reinstalled Windows and tried to first uninstall the Radeon driver provided by Windows update, but the computer froze again. This time it booted normally. I tried installing the driver again and the first problem occurred. I reinstalled for the 3rd time and tried stopping the Radeon GPU from device manager- the computer froze. Then I tried to reboot in safe mode- the computer froze. Then I tried to just restart- the computer froze. But in a conclusion, every attempt to manipulate the Radeon GPU ended in freezing the computer. I have the feeling Windows is trying to run both GPU's at the same time. I notice significant heat dissipation through the heat exhaust which I only noticed under heavy GPU load when using Windows 8.1- playing games for example. The integrated GPU never generated so much heat.

            As a second notice,

            Issue 2: When I used Windows 8.1 on my old HDD (which I am forced to use now again, until I can fix the issue with windows 10 or be forced to install 8.1 again), last time, after installing everything important (drivers I mean) all worked fine. Then one day I decided to install Lenovo power management and if interfered with the GPU controller somehow. Now every time I turn the computer on or restart, windows loads fine but after I boots and takes me to the desktop, the screen blinks for a second and I get a message saying that hardware config has changed and I need to reboot for the changes to take effect. Then I get automatically logged off and after logging in everything works fine. Since I usually leave my computer on sleep mode when not using it (mainly during the night) and I seldom restart, sometimes the Radeon GPU stops working and when I try to run graphics intensive applications, they run on the integrated GPU instead (3-4 fps). Then I have to restart and it usually works fine (the hardware change message is still present though). Also when trying to open the catalyst control center, I get a message that the driver is not properly installed, but when I go to install it, it just completes in 1 second or so and everything is fine. But these are issues I face after every restart or power off and on.

            I wonder if the problems I face with Windows 8.1 could have bugged something in the BIOS settings. Unfortunately the BIOS settings available on this computer are pretty restricted. I can't access graphics properties for example (stopping the dedicated GPU or the integrated one).

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              Issue 1: I have exactly same issues, but I didn't noticed noises or heat.

              Issue 2: I don't use sleep mode, but I've some of these issues. I also encoutered that message with the hardware change many times. I think I fixed with click-right on display adapter in device manager and  update driver software. But it's a little odd because this problem reappeared several times (I think after some windows updates or something like that). Another problem which I've encountered was that message with the driver is not properly installed. But after Display Driver Uninstaller and installed again AMD driver, it was ok.


              I don't think that reverting to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is really a good option. Personaly I hate Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 is a little outdated. The problem isn't from other outdated drivers because I tried many times to install after first boot AMD Radeon Driver and I've same problem. I also think the problem isn't Intel Graphic Driver because I tried to install AMD driver directly and I've same problem. I tried also to upgrade to latest Intel Graphic Driver for my Intel chipset and also, I tried to use Display Driver Uninstaller and install directly latest update for Intel Graphics. Every time, when I install AMD driver, Windows freezes.


              It seems that @evch0 has almost same issuess like me, so the problem isn't my laptop. The problem is the video card driver. Everything works well with older graphic driver, so something is broken with latest updates.


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                  I seem to have figured out the problem for  me. Now that I have returned to windows 8.1, I still had issues with the switchable graphics. After 3-4 driver reinstalls I remembered I hadn't installed the chipset driver, provided by Lenovo. After installing that and reinstalling the latest AMD driver, all seems to work fine. I suppose there could be an issue with the chipset driver that microsoft provides, so maybe you could try installing a proper chipset driver. Hope that works

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                  I have the same issue.

                  Computer freezes in the middle of AMD Display Driver installation.

                  My laptop is a Dell Latitude 3540 with a 8850m + Intel 4400.


                  Issue started on february, I couldn't found a solution since then. I had to disable the AMD gpu on device manager in order to keep my laptop working.

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                    Basically same problem as you, except its an HD8750M, currently attempting the latest update, which I presume is the CrimsonReLive Edition 17.3.2 Optional (?)

                    Any solutions please, not just redirecting or anything that is actually useless to solving the issue, ok?



                    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

                    IntelHD4000 + AMD ATI RadeonHD8750M

                    16gb RAM