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    screen flicker


      i bought dell inspiron 15 series 5558

      worth INR 60000

      with Graphics Chipset :AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M335

      from the very next day i bought it , the screen started to flicker ....

      at first it was only simple flickering with black screen and i thought it would get fixed by update.....

      but updates where not enough to fix my screen flickering ....... the flickering changed to grains and black and white lines and dots......

      now its 3 months since i bought the lap..............

      what should i do right now?

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          I presume you've turned it off and on in the past three months. That's always the first thing I try when tech is giving me trouble. With laptops, if that doesn't work, I then try turning it off and then taking the battery out. Leave the battery out for a minute and then put it back in and try again. If that doesn't work then I would see what the stores return policy is.


          I'm on mobile but I would also try searching the problem online if you haven't already

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            If anything, I would just tell you to return or RMA it. But if you're feeling daring you can check to see if the cable for the monitor has come loose. But that might void any warranties and if you're not experienced enough you can end up causing more harm to the laptop. Also, it might not even solve the problem. It sounds more like there are some problems with power going into the GPU. So replacing the battery or taking it out and putting it back in like dripandrip said might work too.