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    Rx 480 crossfire Power Issue


      Hello everyone,


      After about 10 minuts of playing the power draw from each of my video cards drop from around 150W to 80/100W, obviusly is followed by a great loss of fps.

      I tried to increase the power limit from 0 to 50 but is not changing anything, i also tried to use compatibility mode but without success.


      the gpus are all the time at 1266 mhz of clock (if i put +15 power draw) otherwise they are remaing between 1200 and 1250  but anyway i still have the same problem


      my PSU is a Corsair rm 850i and my motherboard is a as rock EXTREME  4+.


      Im running the last ati driver and windows 10 64 bit


      thank you very much for any help