Monitors black screening with h264 content

Discussion created by freedomofchoice352 on Nov 17, 2016

Hi, with these 16.11.4 drivers I started to get a random black screen on my monitors for a few seconds when starting the playback of the content (obviously hardware accelerated in chrome, youtube)
After getting the black screens, monitors come back and there is no problem; it's more of an major annoyance than anything.

I did not experience these issues on 16.11.3

I install my drivers by first using amd cleanup utility, DDU and then install the new drivers.


MSI R9 380 4GB GPU

I7 2600K CPU

ASUS P8P67 Motherboard

16GB of RAM

Dell U2414H and Dell U2311H monitors connected via single displayport on GPU (U2311H is daisychained via U2414H)

Windows 10 Enterprise  64-bit latest updates.

All hardware is running at stock configuration speeds. (nothing overclocked etc.)