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    GPU Crashing at Temperatures


      Hi All

      So im having a little issue with my games of late in terms of crashing.

      Will follow with specs below of system, but as soon as my GPU temp reaches a certain temperature in some games, it hangs/crashes out of the game.


      Games like:

      Skyrim Special Edition: Crashes/Hangs at 60C - 70C

      Ark Survival Evolved : 75C - 80C

      Kingdoms of Amalur: Crashes/Hangs at 60C - 70C


      Ive redone my pc from Win 7 64bit to Win 10 Pro 64 bit in an attempt to fix this as well as done pc maintenance (open up, take apart, dust everything, replace thermopaste on CPU, and so on) and still have these crashes. Its been a norm on games like Ark but not other games that its been happening lately. No new hardware was introduced. All drivers are up to date. Most of the crashes only occur when im playing for a while and other times it seems not be phased. Ive upped the power on my Global Overdrive to +20% as well in a way to fix this and still nothing.


      Any advice? Or is there some setting in my BIOS i need to change? Or in the AMD Radeon Settings?


      My System:

      OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit (same issue on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)

      CPU: AMD FX 4300 Quad Core 3.8GHz

      Motherboard: MSi 970A - G46

      Ram: 8GB Corsair Gaming Ram

      GPU: MSi Radeon R9 280 Gaming


      System report:


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          *Update - problem happens as soon as I use MSI LiveUpdate 6 to install audio drivers - problem seem to be solved after disabling onboard HD audio settings in the BIOS iteself - will keep updating if problem persists.

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              Make sure you also install latest motherboard BIOS.


              And while using MSI Live update, do you have .Net framework 4.0 installed?


              MSI LIVE UPDATE says:


              1. .net framework 4.0 is required.

              2. Antivirus Software need to be disabled to prevent conflict when using Live update utility.


              Also if you have MSI Afterburner\MSI gaming app installed, uninstall them and check if it works. Usually on the Asus side, their utility apps make the whole PC to crash\BSOD\Black, Gray Screen... (happened to me with Asus Smart Doctor in the past, Asus GPU Tweak I, and happened to my RX480 Strix with GPU Tweak II). After latest Asus update for example the problem with GPU Tweak II got fixed for their Asus Strix RX480.



              If you can use Msi Live Update 6 utility after disabling HD audio on the BIOS, then update the GPU bios to the latest version, then uninstall the utility and turn HD audio back on and install latest audio driver from the audio chip manufacturer (not from the motherboard site).



              However if you use other external\internal Sound Card, then let HD audio disabled. You can also disable everything you dont use on your motherboard, like 1394... (I always disable everything in my PC's that I dont use, like Internal audio since I have a PCI-E soundcard, 1394, 2nd lan slot, Sata controller ports that I dont use...).