Zen to feature Intel-like naming scheme, performance, and prices.

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AMD Zen Summit Ridge SR7, SR5, SR3 CPU Details and Prices Leaked


AMD Zen Based Summit Ridge Processors To Feature Intel-Like Branding Scheme

We have all heard of Intel Core i series of processors. The Core i series of desktop processors are divided into three tiers. The top-end are issued the Core i7 branding, the performance optimized variants are issued the i5 branding and the entry level models are issued the Core i3 branding. AMD is planning to follow a similar name scheme as revealed in a leaked roadmap.


First up, we know for sure that AMD Zen processors will be launching in early 2017. The first processors to launch in the Zen Summit Ridge lineup would use the Zen SR7 branding. These are the top-end processors which will be selling at enthusiast level prices. The Zen SR5 and Zen SR3 will be the more price optimized CPUs with pricing close to $200-$300 US.

It’s shown in the roadmap that all Zen SR (Summit Ridge) processors will sell for higher than RMB 1500 or $220 US. That’s interesting, we know that AMD will be offering either quad core or eight core models in their line up.


Zen Summit Ridge Enthusiast Processors Come First to AM4, SR5 and SR3 To Follow

We have also got details that AMD plans to launch their enthusiast AM4 platform, codenamed X370, alongside several enthusiast chips. So the initial launch lineup would only include expensive parts such as the Zen SR7 processors and X370 based AM4 motherboards. On the other hand, there will be reference coolers provided by AMD for their enthusiast processors with cooling powers of up to 140W. That might give you a small idea for the TDP of upcoming Zen 8 core processors.

AMD Zen Summit Ridge Processors


So it'll be named like an Intel, perform like an Intel (on Windows 10), and cost as much as an Intel, but will it perform like Intel Skylake on Windows 7 and 8.1? If it does, AMD has a big win. If it doesn't, AMD goes bankrupt because people aren't going to flock to Windows 10 for Zen when they can get Skylake with 7.