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Fan only work at 100 % or not at all ( catalyst )

Question asked by langejan1976 on Nov 15, 2016
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Registered since im getting fed up with this issue.


I have a RadeonHD 6850 1 GB DDR.

Since a few weeks the noise it made became to much of my liking and since the card is allready a few

years in my pc i decided to clean it completely and put new cooling paste on it.


So i took it apart, cleaned it with compressed air and cleaned the gpu with 96% alcohol. After that i

placed new arctic silver 5 cooling paste on the gpu and reassembled it.


The min I power up my system, the fan spins for 2 secs, then stops.

I can play a game ( world of warcraft for example ) and the card seems t be cool. Looking at it in

catalyst center it stays about 50 degrees. But the fan, does not work one bit.


Now i know 50 aint much, so the fan prolly doesnt even need to work, but not at all? Ussually the fan

spins slowly and then harder when the card gets hotter. But even now when i load the game at max

settings, run around like a madman and let it go up to 75 degrees, the fans dont start at all.


As u can see in the screenshot, catalyst says fan at 21% but it is not moving at all.


It does work, cause in catalyst when i set fan speed manually, it starts. BUT ONLY at 100 %. If i set the

slider to 95% nothing happens, only 100 %.


Also some strange behaviour i noticed. When im in windows, both gpu and memory clock stay at 100-150 mhz.

When i load the game, they go to 775-1000. That was never the case as well. The fan speed was depending on

load but the gpu- mem was always at the set %.


My question, am i going bonkers or is the latest amd software a total ....?


What am i doing wrong or am i missing here, thanks in advance.