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    Rx460 2GB GC Black screen when playing games. Everything is updated. Help?


      I bought the card about 2 weeks ago and right away had black screen issues with in the first minute of playing a game. I don't play many games but here are a few, Farming Simulator 15 and 17, guildwars2, city skylines.  When playing farming simulator 15, the card has no problem but when i try to play new games or constantly updated games, I get a black screen. And I either get sent to desktop or the game freezes, black screen occurs, flashes and then resumes in game. I have taken it to the computer techs where i buy all my stuff and the guys there cant figure it out. Everything is updated, I have tried removing files and reinstalling games like the game developers have asked and nothing is working. And lately on occasion, if i play a flashplayer game on a browser(chrome) it will black out anything that moves and then it will resume. Please help me fix this....



      Windows 10, home edition

      Intel Core i5 2550K @ 3.40ghz(1155 LGA chipset)(quad core)

      DDR3 8GB RAM

      Motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V LX

      Radeon RX 460 2 GBmem DDR5

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          HEY. I found my solution to my black screens!!!! Now because i have a older mother board(5 yrsold), and mother boards back then only give out about 50, it wasnt enough to run the card.Now a reminder, i had a card that did not require a external power cord....On that note, when testing the voltages on the card and then the motherboard, the card would not get enough juice to charge, to keep the charge and there for unable to display. Solution!! I either had to build a new computer for the card or find a GC that had a external power required. I found one where i bought the Asus RX460 2GB and they replaced it with a Styx or whatever they are called, RX460 with 4GB, External power cord required to run the card. Plugged it in, and Tada! no more black screens. I'm not saying this is a solution to all of the black screens out there but maybe it can help others. Another thing, the card weighs so much that i had to find some non-conductive to support the card so i wouldn't have to put the tower on its side. So make sure the card isn't weighing down cause they can cause stress to the card and the mother board. I hope this helps narrow the black screens down. Cheers!!