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Custom resolution is not an option in AMD Radeon Settings?

Question asked by hughjohnson222 on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by amdmatt

I would like to play the game CSGO with a 4:3 stretched resolution, but it only seems to work with black bars. I have the scaling set to full panel. The solution in the majority of youtube tutorials I watched involve making a custom resolution, but my menu doesn't have that option. I just installed AMD Crimson today so it is up to date. How do I get this option, or even better, simply play my game in 4:3 stretched without having to make a custom resolution?

I also saw a video that said to click on CSGO under the games tab and then click on "profile options" where there is the option to change the game's display scaling. However, I don't have that tab, I only have "profile graphics" and "profile properties". How do I fix this problem?



AMD Radeon HD 7640G

HP Pavillion g6

Windows 10 64 bit

Radeon 16.2.1

Stock motherboard, processor, and monitor

Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU

6GB ram


Here's a pic of my amd radeon settings menu, after I click "additional settings" in the first menu.Screenshot (696).png

Here's the second problem I was talking about where "profile options" is missing:

Screenshot (698).png