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Best solution to increase my desktop space

Question asked by giamisan on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by fsadough

Hello everybody, i'm writing to ask an advice.

I have a AMD FirePro W7000 with four 27" monitor. I would like to have more space and i thought to this 2 solutions:


1) I buy a new graphics card like W9100 that allow me to connect up to 6 monitors and I also buy another monitor. In this case the solution is very very expensive.


2) I buy a new bigger monitor like 43" that will replace 2 monitor 27", i will use the same graphic card i have now and I will use the other three 27" monitor i already have. In this case the solution is much cheaper.


I also accept more solutions if there are!!!


My question is the following:

as i'm wont to have only one monitor in Eyefinity setting that allow me to have a stretched mode for the desktop window's bar over the 4 monitors, will I be able to have the same Eyefinity setting using 1 monitor 43" and 3 monitor 27" or the three 27" monitors will be used as extended ones, so without window's bar?


Thak you very much