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FX-8320 OEM is very hot in games for small loads

Question asked by psitay on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by psitay

Hello All!

I have ATX PC case and 3 cooler (all installed on the max speed in the bios) on it and a CPU cooler - Cooler Master CK9-9HDSA-PL-GP.

Without action the CPU had ~45 degrees, in games to 70 degrees.

I decided to replace the cooler on Cooler Master GeminII SF524 RR-G524-13FK-R1. And bought a good thermal paste Arctic Cooling MX-4.

Now I have without action ~35 degrees, in games (Need for Speed World or Dragon Age: Inquisition or Titanfall and others) to 65 degrees.

Processor without overclocking, settings in the BIOS by default.

I don't know how to beat this fire. Please advise