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Why Bethesda nixed early reviews — Dishonored 2 has significant problems on PCs

Question asked by kingfish on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by black_zion

Just before Bethesda re-released Skyrim: Buggy Pretty Version, the company announced a new change to its review program — and by “new change,” we mean “a cowardly attempt to avoid being buried by complaints that might jeopardize sales.” Bethesda argued it wanted everyone in the game industry to “experience [its] games at the same time,” which is a ridiculous rationale with which to justify not telling people whether a single-player game is amazing before they can purchase it themselves. It does, however, make perfect sense if you don’t want people to cancel preorders for a title that lands with the grace of a dead norwhale flung out of a C-130 at 15,000 feet.

That’s the situation we find ourselves in with Dishonored 2, a game that’s being praised for its mechanics, its gameplay, and its story — on consoles. On PCs, frame rate stutters, crashes, and other problems are killing gamer opinion. Reviewers who have the console version have praised it to the heavens, while reviewers with the PC version have been reporting dropped frame rates to the point that it’s making some people seasick, even on advanced rigs. Pascal GPUs like the GTX 1080 can’t hold a stable frame rate, even with detail levels set to medium at 1920×1080, while reviewers with AMD solutions are reporting feeling seasick if they increase detail levels above Medium, even with GPUs like the R9 Nano.

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