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Does 5800K APU(7660D GPU) support AMD Fluid Motion?

Question asked by kungmo on Nov 14, 2016
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I am using AMD 5800K APU (includes 7660D) and operating system is Windows 10 64 bit RS1. I got to know GPUs made with GCN 1.0 or higher architecture support AMD Fluid Motion. I figured it out 7660D GPU made with GCN 1.0, so this GPU supports AMD Fluid Motion. (although it doesn't support fully like GCN 1.1 or higher GPUs)


I installed Bluesky frame rate converter, Potplayer, set [Enable AFM] option, and it works. But it only works at 24p Mode 1 and 2. It doesn't be activated 30p.


I tried whether 24p to 60p video upconverted or not, and it works fine. But 30p to 60p didn't work.


So I started to investigate why it does not suport 30p.


At that time, my graphics driver version was Catalyst 15.7.1(7/29/2015 release date). I thought its driver date is so dated, so I tried to install newer version. My APU is somewhat old enough, So AMD provides Crimson edition driver 16.2.1 Beta(3/1/2016 release date) only. I have no choise but to install this beta driver for 5800K APU.


After installaion, Bluesky frame rate converter was activated both 24p and 30p. I thought it will be all right then.


When I play both 24p and 30p video file, it sure upconverted but...


Both video file shows only pure GREEN screen. I cannot see any video but green screen.


Could I solve this problem?


And, is AMD planning to make new Crimson driver for legacy APUs(GPUs) that support AFM?